Why Green?

Green building and remodeling are about saving energy, conserving water, having a healthier home and using more sustainable materials and methods to improve our environment. With knowledge and careful planning, this can be done at times with no additional costs—more frequently with moderate costs and quick payback times.

Green Building Tools

Sustainable materials yield reasonable returns in utility savings. We work with you to save money, maintain good health, inspire awareness, and share a growing movement to conserve our natural resources and slow global warming and climate change. Schedule a consultation with us, and we will determine how best to work with you in a collaborative effort.

Energy Saving

Why Build Green provides an energy audit service to look for energy wasting issues, water loss problems, unhealthy situations, and as a bonus any safety related concerns which may be obvious to a trained eye but not apparent to the average homeowner.


Services we provide save money and provide a healthy environment—striving for high quality standards with careful consideration of your home and our environment..

Green Ed

Certified to teach by the National Center for Construction Education and Research in 2010, John Mayeux is available to teach a class or workshop called Your Role in the Green Environment.

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